Replacing the word “waste” with “value”

Lagos Initiative

In the developing world, landfill workers are the cornerstone of transforming waste to value. However, landfill workers are often relegated to inhumane working conditions, exploitation by landfill cartels and extremely low income.


As our CSR commitment, we built, tested and deployed a digital platform that connects landfill workers directly to the source of clean and sorted recycables to avail a higher income, improve working conditions and promote independence. The model currently diverts an average of 2.5 tons of plastic per month away from the landfill and provides income for over 350 low income waste workers in Lagos.


Thanks to the support of Innovation Norway, The Norwegian Retailer’s Environmental Fund and Nordic Environmen Finance Cooperation (NOPEF), we are now developing a model for ecentralized and low cost waste transformation setups to further increase their potential income.

How it Works

Collect recyclables
Step 1

Collect recyclables and schedule pick up on the app

Hand over recyclables to pickup
Step 2

Hand over recyclables to pickup driver

Request the cash out option
Step 3

Request the cash out option on the app

Recieve cash directly
Step 4

Recieve cash directly in your bank account

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