1. Is the Cycled Smartbin sustainable?

Each machine utilizes an average of 10W (equivalence of an LED bulb) and by delivering clean and sorted recyclables directly to the recycling facility, about 2kg of CO2 is averted by kg of material collected.


2. How do I use the SmartBin?

Please click here to view the “how to use section”.


3. What waste items does the machine accept?

This depends on the target materials in the location. Please check with the ground team to ensure you are inserting the correct materials.


4. Can I insert crushed items into the machine?

Yes, the machine detects items.


5. How is this different from a Reverse Vending Machine?

Typical RVMs use a barcode scanning feature to detect the material while the Cycled SmartBin uses image recognition and AI technology. As such, while the RVM can only accommodate cylindrically shaped items with barcode eg cans and bottles, our technology can accommodate items without QR codes and non cylindrical shapes eg coffee pods, electronics and take away pack.


6. How accurate is the detection?

Detection accuracy is up to 93%.


7. What’s the material processing through put?

The machine can handle up to 20 items per 10s session which translate to a throughput of 30 items per minute.


8. How do I get started?

Step 1: Download the app (click here).
Step 2: Search for nearby SmartBin around you on the App.
Step 3: Collect your recyclables and head to the closet SmartBin to collect points.


9. Can I buy a SmartBin?

Businesses and municipalities can purchase SmartBins and customize the incentives to their customers/staffs. Leasing and rental options are also available for retail outlets, food chains, PR activation and events.


10. How do I claim my rewards?

This depends on the redemption options available in your vicinity. Please click here for region specific incentive options.


11. Can I book for my event anywhere in the world?

At the moment, only events in UAE, KSA and Norway can be serviced. ​