Cycled Technologies’ Ayoola Brimmo on the IU35 winners list for Middle East and North Africa region

COO Dr. Ayoola Brimmo

Cycled Technologies is proud to announce that our cofounder and COO Dr. Ayoola Brimmo is on the list of IU35 winners in the Middle East and North Africa region. Dr. Ayoola Brimmo has been recognized for his contribution to the development of our SmartBin, and its ability to detect and sort recyclables from the general waste stream, at the moment it is disposed.

This prestigious recognition is part of MIT Technology Review’s Innovators Under 35 (IU35) list, which was created in 1999 to celebrate the magazine’s 100th anniversary. The IU35 list is designed to identify and celebrate individuals who have made significant contributions to their respective fields through technical innovation, with the aim of shaping the future.

Dr. Ayoola Brimmo’s contribution to the development of the Cycled SmartBin has earned him a spot on the IU35 list. The Cycled SmartBin, a waste management solution that uses image recognition and artificial intelligence to sort recyclables from general waste, has been recognized for its ability to reduce contamination rates to less than 5% and eliminate human error in source sorting of recyclables. Additionally, the SmartBin incentivizes users with social rewards to encourage sustainable waste management practices, making it an innovative solution that addresses both environmental and social challenges.

Apart from its environmental and social benefits, the Cycled Smart Bin also has a positive financial impact. The real-time tracking of the quantity and type of waste, as well as the revenue stream generated from the sale of clean and sorted recyclables, can reduce waste management bills by up to 30%.

Overall, Dr. Brimmo’s recognition as an IU35 winner is a testament to his dedication to using technology to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges, and it highlights the importance of developing sustainable waste management solutions in the fight against climate change.

Photo credit: MIT Technology Review