50% Off Deals as Recycling Rewards in the UAE

50% Discount

Cycled Technologies is excited to announce the launch of “50% Off Deals” in mainstream merchants as Recycling Rewards in the UAE! 

Drop off as little as 10 bottles in any of our locations and instantly redeem your points as 50% Off Deals on Food & Drinks in 33 mainstream chain outlets — like Papa John’s, Johnny  Rockets, Reel Cinemas, Chicken Tikka Inn, Gelato Divino among others — spread across 170 locations in all of the UAE’s Emirates. Majority of these locations offer deliveries, dine-in and take away and our deals good for all options. 

Download the Cycled SmartBin App to check out all of our delicious 50% Off Deals open to everyone contributing in keeping our environment clean and green.

As part of our commitment to the PepsiCo Greenhouse Accelerator Program, Cycled is dedicated to building a financially sustainable recycling incentives model that is independent of the legislation-based deposit scheme and hence applicable in any location around the world. This launch represents a flagship of the initiative with a record-breaking cash savings of AED 2.5 ($0.7) per plastic bottle recycled with Cycled. Going forward, these offers will be extended to chain outlets in the Beauty & Wellness, Sports & Leisure, and Learning categories to keep everyone involved in recycling entertained!​