Cycled is now an EuroStar Startup!

Cycled is now an EuroStar Startup!

Cycled Technologies AS in a consortium with AI Superior and University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) has been awarded an R&D grant by the Eureka Eurostar program –a funding mechanism forged between 48 countries and the European Commission to foster competitiveness, market integration and R&D corporation.

Eurostar ranked our application No. 36 out of 400 received applications and based on this, all partners of the consortium have now received a confirmation for funding.

In this project, Cycled Technologies will be leveraging on AI Superior’s cutting-edge research on machine learning & artificial intelligence to improve material traceability across the global waste cycle, and USN’s renown social innovation faculties (USN’s School of Business) to guide the ensuing product developments in line with public waste management (disposal and collection) habits. The strategic partnership has been carefully assembled to bring together a critical mass of skills, expertise and experience to tackle all the key technical requirements for successful project delivery. From the perspective of European collaboration, our consortium draws upon complementary knowledge and will demonstrate the benefits that can be delivered through trans-European cooperation