It’s a Deal!

After a 6 month long cordial collaboration, Cycled Technologies AS has now sealed a partnership deal with AKEO AS. This deal will allow Cycled to continue leveraging on AKEO’s expertise on software development and blockchain based applications, for subsequent releases of the CycledApp.

With our combined expertise, we are confident of making planet earth a better place with the Cycled concept.

Cycled Technologies has joined forces with Akeo to bring a groundbreaking change to the global recycling industry. As a company, we strive to establish blockchain technology as the cornerstone of our platform, setting a new standard for sustainable waste management. Our innovative Cycled app offers a simple yet effective solution for waste collectors and disposers alike, and with the integration of blockchain technology and incentive mechanisms, we aim to introduce a disruptive concept to the international recycling market.

Akeo is a leading Software Development Company in Norway that focuses on building collaborative tools based on the Microsoft platform. The company is one of the first Norwegian to have successfully run an ICO, and deploy a blockchain powered application: BullToken.

As a leading European specialist in blockchain-based technology and fintech projects, Akeo is excited to be working with Cycled Technologies. “Cycled Technologies has the potential to become a key player in the future recycling community. We are excited about integrating blockchain technology as part of the Cycled Platform,” says Akeo CEO Espen Moen Kvelland.

With our technology, we are able to record all waste management transactions, including the distribution of incentives, in a fast, cheap, and transparent manner. This creates a comprehensive waste management database that is publicly accessible, holding everyone accountable for their waste and ensuring that the distribution of incentives is transparent. As a startup, we will be utilizing the ICO route to raise funds for our pilot projects in early-stage markets, with cryptocurrencies like Ethereum being collected in exchange for our Utility Token: Cycled Tokens (CYD).

Green Business Norway Accelerator supports Cycled in our mission to revolutionize the recycling industry. The accelerator offers a platform for Norwegian and international start-up businesses that provide innovative solutions for the circular economy. We look forward to developing and commercializing our technology with their international network and helping to grow our business.

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